What is it?

Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs) are surgically implanted mechanical pumps that aid impaired circulation due to a failing heart. Clinicians can use a VAD to make an appropriate decision regarding transplantation or not, stabilize patients waiting for a donor heart, and in some cases, improve heart function to eliminate the need for transplant altogether.

Implantation of a VAD requires as much expertise as a heart transplant and can possibly cost even more once you take into consideration the device, the procedure, and the pre- and post-maintenance for the patient. These costs can be highly variable depending on the needs of the patient. The right treatment plan and intervention upon diagnosis can make a significant difference in optimizing outcomes and reducing costs.

Let LifeTrac make difficult easier.

specialty-implant-devicesWhen one of your members needs a VAD, whether or not they are awaiting a heart transplant, our Specialty Implants/Devices Trac provides you with nationwide access to medical facilities and vendors who provide equipment and supplies at discounted rates. Once a member is discharged from the facility, they will require specialized VAD equipment, monitoring services and supplies. Our negotiated rates with nationally recognized specialty vendors for VAD services and supplies can add up to significant cost savings.

Besides saving you money, we are here to provide clinical support as you manage your members with heart failure. And, if your member moves from a VAD to receiving a heart transplant, LifeTrac can make the transition between Tracs seamless.