Did You Know...

LifeTrac now has a service focused on transplant adjacent therapies.

LifeTrac Continuum is a solution for high-cost claims associated with the complex treatments that members might require before, after, or in lieu of transplantation.

About LifeTrac

From its inception as a pioneer transplant network in 1988, LifeTrac has provided expertise to benefit payors and patients alike. Today, LifeTrac is a national network offering clinical support and access to hundreds of transplant programs at a select group of the world's leading transplant facilities. LifeTrac serves HMOs, TPAs, employer benefit plans, and major insurance, reinsurance and stop loss companies.

The LifeTrac Network was developed through the selection of transplant medical facilities that consistently demonstrate high case volumes, coupled with high patient survival rates. Each LifeTrac participating facility is carefully evaluated prior to network inclusion, and is re-evaluated annually to reconfirm the facility's ongoing adherence to LifeTrac participation standards.

Our Services

In the increasingly complex world of transplant care, achieving good clinical outcomes and good financial outcomes requires special expertise. Our in-depth understanding of risk management is at the core of our contracting methodology that focuses on cost predictability and aggregate cost-effectiveness. This proven formula helps payors feel more comfortable that their bottom line is protected when one of their members requires a...