Current Employment Opportunities at LifeTrac




The main focus of the Clinical Data Analyst position is to manage LifeTrac referrals:

  1.  Processes new referrals, ensuring all data is accurate and the referral is complete.
  2.  Initiates requests to providers for clinical updates, to determine case status and appropriate follow up timelines.
  3.  Maintains data integrity within the LifeTrac systems to identify incomplete or incorrect data elements related to referrals.
  4.  Performs analysis of referral related data in LifeTrac systems to support LifeTrac and its clients.
  5.  Makes recommendations to improve current processes and workflows related to referrals and the flow of information.

Qualities desired:

  1.  Ability to communicate effectively.
  2.  Some exposure to clinical/medical terminology.
  3.  Some knowledge of medical claims.
  4.  Ability to manage many things - good organizational skills.
  5.  Desire to learn.

This person will be communicating with a variety of resources. It is critical that they are comfortable and confident in asking questions in areas they may not fully understand, and in taking an active role in problem solving and knowing what resources are available.


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